Welcome to the BTS Tools documentation!

The BTS Tools will help you build, run and monitor any graphene-based client (currently BitShares, Steem, Muse, PeerPlays).


these tools were originally developed for the BitShares network, and later expanded to support any graphene-based network. This means that everywhere you will see BitShares mentioned in this documentation, it should be understood as BitShares, Steem, PeerPlays or Muse. Similarly, bts can be interchanged with steem, ppy, and muse.

There are 2 tools currently provided:

  • a command line utility allowing to quickly build and run any graphene-based client
  • a web application allowing to monitor a running instance of the client and send an email or push notification on failure

If you like these tools, please vote for witness wackou on the Steem, BitShares and Muse networks. Thanks!

To get started, just type the following in a shell:

$ pip3 install bts_tools

If you’re not familiar with installing python packages or if you run into problems during installation, please visit the Installing the tools section for more details.

With the tools installed, you can refer to each section of the documentation for more information about how a certain aspect of the tools work.

Otherwise, if you prefer a more hands-on approach to setting up a delegate from scratch, please head to the following section: How to setup a delegate - the easy tutorial [OBSOLETE] [NOTE: deprecated]